You will recognize that there is domestic abuse when there are clear symptoms of abusive behaviors by one or more individuals in a closely knit human relationship. Family, kinship, marriage, dating and friendship are examples of close kinship. As discussed in the section below, domestic abuse has several kinds.

Physical violence is when someone uses physical aggressiveness such as beating, kicking, biting and throwing items at someone. The consequences of physical abuse could be injuries of a nasty nature, disability and can cause death. Compared to other kinds of domestic assault, physical maltreatment is easy to establish.

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By forcing a person to take part in a sexual activity without approval, such an act is called sexual ill-treatment. This normally occurs to individuals who have specific exposures. For example, a partner may be unable to reject engagement due such things as pressure, alcohol influence, immaturity or disability. In human relationships such as marriages and friendships, it is not that easy to determine this type of violence.

It is equally hard to discover emotional abuse, because of its complicated nature. The abuser may have particular control over a partner’s funds or economic well being. Most victims will not speak out if they are threatened with the possibility of being humiliated or embarrassed in public, or isolated from friends and relatives. In some cases threats to divulge some painful issue or forbidding access to financial resources may be used to pressure a victim.

Now, there are so many causes why some individuals resort to domestic brutality. Personal disorders are dominant psychological aspects which affect individuals. The way in which families are structured and the manner we are molded by the environment is likely to affect the way we treat others. For example, some individuals grow up in cultural settings which tolerate abusive behaviors towards women and children. This may also be regarded as the norm and commonly society may choose to ignore abusive activities probably until this results into a fatality.

Abuse is caused by the utilization of alcohol and drugs in various situations. The usual behavior of a person is varied by drug utilization and usually results in mental disorders which usually leads to abuse.

These are the acts that may be considered as domestic violence:

· Emotional abuse, such as name calling.

· Emotional putdowns and insults meant to cause emotional harm.

· Stalking activities.

· Intimidation tactics and other forms of unwanted control.

· Sexual assault. This can be true for relatives, partners, married couples, and any other pair of individuals who live together or are emotionally tied.

· Sexual battery.

· Alienating a partner and controlling their actions in and outside of the home

· Controlling a partner’s ability to obtain or maintain employment or steady income

· Withholding money or controlling the use of other necessities

· Threatening physical harm or abuse

· Performing physical harm and abuse

· Controlling a partner’s interactions with family and friends, including how often they can contact or see them

When you experienced any of these, please contact help immediately.