Jack Jumper Ant Allergy in Tasmania

Currently, around 12,000 Tasmanians are known to suffer a serious allergy to Jack Jumper Ant stings. Of these, around 4000 are highly allergic, having experienced the condition known as anaphylaxis which puts them at a significant risk of death.

An internationally renowned clinical trial conducted at the Royal Hobart Hospital, has developed the only known effective vaccine that can prevent life-threatening reactions in these people.

Research funding that has provided this treatment to 60 trial participants for the last four years runs out in December 2005.

If the programme is discontinued, access to this life-altering treatment will be denied and preventable deaths may occur.

antallergy.org has been established to request that the Tasmanian Government immediately allocate the funding necessary to provide life saving treatment to those Tasmanians at the greatest risk of death.

Jack Jumper Ant Allergy in Australia

It is estimated that up to 50,000 people throughout south eastern Australia are known to suffer a serious allergy to Jack Jumper Ant stings.

With the knowledge that a 100% effective vaccine has been developed through an internationally renowned Tasmanian trial, antallergy.org is also calling on the Tasmanian government to work with other State and Commonwealth governments to make the treatment available to sufferers throughout Australia.

This website has been established to provide ongoing advocacy, support and to raise community awareness about this debilitating condition.

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