Ant Season arrives early this summer

With the coming of daylight saving, Jack Jumper season has also well and truly arrived in Tasmania. Many people are now reporting living with daily sightings of ants and sufferers with allergy to the sting of the ant are now on alert having to put their action plans into place.

During the following months, will be stepping up its campaign to highlight the urgency of the current situation facing both sufferers, and those who are yet to discover that they too have a life threatening allergy to the sting of the Jack Jumper ant.

Ant Sting Register

Over the coming months, will be seeking ways in which to establish a register of people that have been admitted for emergency treatment for anaphylactic reaction to Jack Jumper ant stings in Tasmania.

This register will include recent and past admissions, and will form an invaluable record of the severity and prevalence of Jack Jumper sting Allergy in Tasmania.

Ant Allergy Car Stickers now available!

If you would like an Ant Allergy Can Kill car sticker, they are now available from Melanie Gordon for a gold coin donation. For further information please call Melanie on.

Help Save Lives – Sign the Petition Here has launched an online petition to assist those whose lives are in danger through jack jumper stings. Sponsored by Sue Napier, MHA, the petition has received a tremendous response from the Tasmanian community.

Over 3000 people have now signed the e-petition and the paper petition, which calls on the Tasmanian government to immediately allocate the funding necessary to provide life saving treatment to those Tasmanians at the greatest risk of death.

The petition further calls on the Tasmanian government to actively pursue collaborative arrangements with other State and Commonwealth Governments, to make this treatment available throughout Australia.

Paper Petition Now Available!

If you would like to download a copy of our paper based petition, please make sure you also read the accompanying instructions.

paper petition.pdf